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Australia is a country of excitement and intrigue, and its history of gambling has that same significance. From the early days of the two-up game and horse racing to modern day Internet poker and Australian online pokies, Australia has a rich past that embraces many forms of gambling - despite attempts to undermine or eradicate those activities. Gambling is a part of human nature, and Australians embrace that need for competition and enjoyment through things like Australian online casinos.

Searching for an online casino in Australia can be a difficult task, with so many options and websites from which to choose. Why not let us do that for you? Our sole purpose is to make the process easier for you. We choose the best online casinos in Australia, review them, and provide easy highlighted points so that you can choose the Australian internet casino that best fits your needs. Then you can go directly to the site of your choice and begin the fun.

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History of Gambling and Casinos Online in Australia

The first settlers in Australia enjoyed gambling as early as the 1700s, when basic games consisted of betting on the outcomes in order to provide more excitement for players as well as onlookers. Aboriginal gambling began in the 1840s when Chinese settlers brought card games, though a sort of wagering took place before that time for food and clothing. The official games grew in popularity with adults and children as a way of socializing and trading candy or cigarettes, centuries before online casinos in Australia were even a concept.

Australia tried to ban casino gambling until 1973, when governments realized the amount of revenue they could take in from casinos and the opportunities involved for commercial and tourism markets. Casinos then thrived, as did all types of sports betting and pokies, available in many forms and establishments throughout the country. Meanwhile, the late twentieth century brought the need to address online casinos on the internet in Australia, and the laws that resulted in 2001 and later, such as the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, were ambiguous at best. What was clear, however, was that playing poker or pokies on the web was never made a criminal activity, and the law never suggested in any way that players were to be prosecuted. Casinos Australia are here to stay and we are here to help you choose the best one!

Today Australian Internet gambling is hugely popular and there are dozens of online casino sites that accept Aussie players. However, having a guide to the best ones is important - otherwise, how are you going to know you are getting a great deal? And that's where we come in!

At we rate and review all the Australian online casino sites we can find, grading them against specific criteria to ensure we bring you nothing but the best. We will help you choose the best casino online so you can have a great gaming experience.

Enjoy Online Casinos in Australia

Australian internet casinos are no longer new to the industry, and years of experience by some of the top casinos have allowed them to perfect their products. We present those products here. For experienced players or new players just trying pokies on the net for the first time, we provide easy-to-understand and detailed reviews of the best sites.

Online casinos in Australia continue to thrive by popular demand. Players want the opportunity for a little entertainment, enjoyment, and challenge that the Australian online pokies provide. And that is why we provide this service, offering information about the best casinos online and reviews of them so that the customers can make simple gaming choices.

Simply sign up to one of the online casinos we list and you can be playing great internet casino games in minutes. Don't waste your playing time - just pick a top rated Australian online casino from our list and get the wheels spinning on those pokies!