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The game of blackjack has been a gambler favourite for centuries in many countries, but Australians have truly embraced the game in the last few years. And with the availability of blackjack online now, players have signed up in huge numbers to play the many varieties of the game at their own convenience. They use the strategies to win more at those games, and they experiment with several types and variations as they go.

Australian online casino players continue to shape the way our sites grow. We recommend these sites with amazing blackjack options, and the designers and programmers listen to customer demand to offer more and make the games even better. The online blackjack games are the best in the world, and the many different amateurs and pros who continue to frequent the sites are proof positive of that.

  • Blackjack is the most recognized and favorite game of Australian online casino players.
  • Online casino blackjack attracts amateur and pro players alike.
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Blackjack Then and Now

The game of blackjack goes so far back that most historians are unsure of its beginnings. The early version of twenty-one was referenced in "Don Quixote", so it is thought that the game concept originated in the 1500s or 1600s. Eventually, the game developed into a tighter version that became blackjack. No one could have predicted how the game would evolve into today's online casino blackjack.

Today, the game is played with fairly straightforward rules. The deck contains 52 cards, and the player is dealt a two-card hand. The cards are totaled with face cards counting as 10 points and the ace as one or 11. The dealer also takes two cards, and both the dealer and the player can hit for more cards or stay at whatever point they feel they can win. The goal is to get the closest to 21 (which is called blackjack) without going over to win the bet. Internet blackjack plays the same as the live game in Australia, though more game options are available online.

The internet casino blackjack games at the sites we recommend have amazing graphics to look like the real game, and players have many options with over 40 types of blackjack tables to choose from. There are even practice tables at our sites for online blackjack players to get accustomed to the variations they choose before playing for real money.

Online Blackjack Strategies

The most common type of casino blackjack strategy is card counting, but that is difficult with random card generators in the online games. Players can look for patterns and analyze them, after which they can adjust their betting and hits/stays. Online blackjack players can also take advantage of some of our experts' strategy tips to learn how to lessen the Australian online casino odds and improve your own.

Click on any one of our recommended sites for the best online blackjack options on the Internet. We chose the sites with the most game options and varieties, and players will have endless new ways to enjoy their favorite online casino pastime. Blackjack online has been transformed from twenty-one to today's hotly popular game, and players can win big.

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