Play Live Dealer Baccarat Games Online

Baccarat is a real classic of a game here in Australia and now the live dealer baccarat game is more popular than ever online. Traditionally it's been a massive hit with the high rollers in land-based casinos but now you can play on the Internet it seems less intimidating for newbies and they don't have to worry about the pros laughing at them!

If you've never played online casino live baccarat, don't freak out too much about the rules, which can put a lot of people off. Like most casino games, it's up to you how simple or complicated you make the game by the type of bets you place.

Whether you're a seasoned real cash baccarat player or you're looking to try out something as exciting as live baccarat, one thing you'll want to be sure of is the quality of the Internet casino you decide to play at. There's just not enough time in the world for every player to check out every single online live baccarat casino, so we've taken on the task ourselves.

We've delved through all the well-known casinos to find the ones that offer the best live dealer baccarat games. We ranked these sites based on how they scored on our checklist of features. These included:

  • Number of games available
  • Possible payout sizes
  • Ease of use (not just for live baccarat, but for other games too)
  • Quality of customer service
  • Security of the site.

Inside Live Baccarat Online Casinos

Like most things in life, it pays to be prepared when you're searching for a live baccarat casino. When you know what you're walking into and what you're up against all of a sudden it doesn't seem nearly as complicated or scary.

When it comes to real cash online baccarat in Australia the main thing you need to know is the aim of the game. In reality, it's pretty simple. The idea in baccarat is make your hand add up to nine or the closest you can get to nine. The cards have different values and the number cards from two to ten are worth face value. Kings, Queens and Jacks are all worth ten. Aces are low and are worth one point.

To work out your live baccarat score you just add up how many points each card is worth and then minus "the tens", E.g. 8+9=17=3 or 5+6=11=1.

Unlike most other card games, in the online live dealer baccarat game you are playing against another player who acts as the banker rather than against the casino or the dealer. It's up to you whether you want to bet on yourself winning or the banker winning. All that matters is that you bet the right person will win.

How To Find The Best Live Baccarat Online Casino Sites

Trying to find the best sites to play on is tough on your own but you don't need to worry because you're not on your own, we're here for you.

Thanks to our crack team of casino reviewers you don't have to trawl the Internet looking for top real money live baccarat casinos, all you have to do is look at this page.

We Found the Top Live Baccarat Gambling Sites

All the information you could ever need is right here on this page. Our in-depth reviews cover everything important in a real cash online casino from what bonuses they offer to how good their customer service is. Plus, review will tell you what games are available, how regular the promotions are and even whether they've got any big jackpots on the site.

Once you've found a live baccarat online casino site in our top list that suits you, it's time to pull up a virtual seat and see whether you've brought any luck to the baccarat.