Top Online Live Blackjack Casinos

Standard online blackjack is fun but do you know what's even better? Live blackjack online casino games! The live version of blackjack is incredibly popular with Aussies and it's easy to see why: you get the full on casino experience without even having to leave your house.

Live blackjack online casinos are all over the web and if you're playing from Australia it's sometimes a little tough to tell which sites will suit you. Thanks to our devoted team of casino experts you don't have to try and guess where's best to play live dealer blackjack online because we've found out for you.

The criteria we use when we're picking the top real cash live dealer blackjack casino sites are the same as the criteria any Aussie online gambling fan would use. We research each site's:

  • Reputation and trustworthiness
  • Range of games
  • Size of the sign up bonuses
  • Level of customer service
  • Available payment methods

What's So Great About Online Casino Live Blackjack?

Comparing standard online blackjack with the live version is like comparing cotton and silk. Cotton is practical, useful and ideal for everyday use but silk, well silk is something truly special. Live dealer online blackjack is the silk of the Internet casino world because it offers you an adrenaline-charged atmosphere and all of the drama of a land-based casino. And it's all packaged nicely in a 21st century way that's super-convenient.

This is how it works: A live dealer blackjack game on the web is hosted by a dealer who greets you, takes your bets and deals your cards. The actual dealer does all this in front of a video camera and you watch via an online stream.

Unlike in land-based casinos across Australia, you won't have to wait around to play a few hands at the real money live blackjack casino tables because there are plenty of hosts waiting for you to rock up and start playing. The casino operates on your timetable and you decide when you've had enough or if you want to play at 4am.

What's The Best Live Blackjack Online Casino?

If you want an answer to that question, you've definitely come to the right place! We review thousands of real money Internet casinos every month to bring you the ones with the best live dealer blackjack casino games and the best all round experience on offer.

To make it into the prestigious number one spot on our recommended list, an Aussie real money casino has to tick a lot of boxes. First of all we look into how safe and fair the site is. That involves checking their security rating, researching the company's history, examining their encryption software and making sure they're fully licensed to operate in Australia.

Live Blackjack Casinos Selection is Everything

Once we've done all that we start to see what range of games they have. We expect premium sites to have a good selection of live dealer blackjack games because we understand players want to mix things up every now and again.

Satisfied that the game selection is wide enough, we move on to seeing what's really in it for you, the player. How well does the site look after its members? Are there regular rewarding promotions? How often can Aussie live blackjack online casino players get bonuses?

Live Blackjack Quality is Paramount

We also investigate the quality of customer service too. It's not just because reliable customer service is really important for players if they run into any problems, it's also because customer service is a pretty accurate indication of how a casino treats its players generally. Normally, if a casino has terrible customer service you can expect slow payouts, a lack of new games and very few promotions to get involved in.

You don't have to worry about being treated badly when you play live dealer blackjack games at our recommended sites though. We'd made sure only the very best of the Australian Internet casinos have earned a spot on our top list, so every sites a winner. Will you be a winner too? There's only one way to find out! Pick a real money live blackjack site to try out now and see if the cards are on your side today!