Casino Etiquette Guide

Admittedly, online casinos are a much more comfortable and accessible environment for people to gamble in. The opportunity for people to sit and play whenever they please prevents them from playing in live casinos and experiencing a completely different atmosphere when gambling.

To those people, the idea of going to a live casino can be intimidating and a situation they tend to avoid. However, after absorbing the loud atmosphere and the anticipation of placing your first bet, you'll find yourself at home fairly quickly. Some of the following advice will help you adapt to the live surroundings and understand the correct etiquette.

Be Respectful and Polite

These factors clearly don't mean as much when playing online, but when playing live, you have to remember the human element of gambling. So, being respectful to the dealers and players goes a long way. Remembering the fact that everyone is at the casino for the same reasons, to gamble and have fun, should result in you being stoked for every bet you make. It isn't all about losing or making money, but interacting with other people and sharing the experience with people you wouldn't typically meet in everyday life.

Keep Your Cool

Due to the emotional swings involved with gambling, it's easy to let your emotions take over your rational thoughts, which leads to some people blaming dealers for their bad luck. The more emotional you become then the risk of losing a lot of money becomes heightened. No matter what the outcome, keep calm and move onto the next bet. The quicker you accept that you can't control the outcome of the bets you make, the more relaxed you will be when things aren't going well for you.

Verbalise Your Bets

This is an important factor for players to be aware of when playing in a live casino for the first time. When you're used to clicking buttons rather than saying which bets you would like to make, it can lead to mistakes, which could lead to you losing money. When a table is particularly busy (mainly roulette), you can give your chips to the dealer and ask them to place it on a number of your request, this is so you can place your bet before the term 'no more bets' is announced. So, stating your intended action is always a wise thing to do when attending the casino for the first few occasions.

Acting Out Your Bets

In addition to verbalising your bets, learning specific signals helps the dealers when it comes to certain games, especially blackjack. This type of communication results in the dealer knowing exactly what you want to do during a hand of blackjack, e.g. drawing a card or standing on your current total. It helps the flow of the game and prevents any sort of miscommunication between you, the dealer and the casinos security team. So, learning the signals and applying them correctly will help you adapt to the live experience of gambling.

Tipping the Dealers

Tipping is an important aspect of playing in a live casino and is often expected when a player is winning at the tables. Admittedly, it isn't mandatory to tip the dealers. However, it's a sign of respect and appreciation for the job they do and how enjoyable they make your visit. Don't feel the need to tip the dealer if you can't afford to, but if you have a small amount of money that you feel comfortable giving them for their service, then by all means, show your appreciation. A tip can go a long way in keeping up the morale of the staff and letting them know they're making your night worthwhile.

Casino Comps

If you're unfamiliar with this then the idea of casino comps are ways of the casino to get customers coming back on a regular basis. Some of the typical complimentary offers are free drinks for customers whilst they are playing, discounts on meals in the casino bar/restaurant and casinos will often offer free bets after spending a specific amount of money at the tables.

Typically, every casino will provide a player with a membership card where you can collect player points which can be used to redeem cash, meal discount, merchandise and free bets. Some casinos are built as an addition to a hotel complex, therefore casino comps can then be used for room service or a discount on a room you are looking to book. It's a way for the casino to try and keep their customers coming back and undoubtedly provide them with the best possible customer service and casino experience. For the high rollers, casino comps will be much more luxurious and in keeping with how much those players spend at the casino games.

Keeping all this in mind, you will soon find yourself at home when playing at a live casino.