Win A Million Playing Online Pokies

Millions Pokies

Imagine sitting down at your computer after a long work week, logging into your favourite online casino, and firing up some pokies for a little action. After a few spins, you see the stars align and suddenly, you are one million dollars richer. Sound far-fetched? Well, in September of last year a woman from Penrith did just that as she won over a million dollars on a grand jackpot played online. Can you really win millions playing online pokies? You bet, and people win tens of thousands from jackpots every single day.

What is an Online Casino Jackpot?

All players that join one of our recommended online casinos can participate in some of the highest payout games in the world. All of our sites offer hundreds of amazing games, including some of the most entertaining and interactive pokies ever seen. Players receive lucrative welcome bonuses, VIP bonuses and rewards just for playing. With a little luck, they can also hit one of the many jackpots offered every single day at every online casino. The bigger jackpots tend to be seen at progressive pokies, with four or five figure payouts being the norm.

What is the Average Pokies Jackpot?

There is no set number to determine the average pokies jackpot. However, there are many factors that determine the amount of any given jackpot, including the type of game, the pay structure and the minimum bet amount. Most of the top online casinos feature a list of recent jackpot winners if you are curious to see who is winning on any given day. On the low end pokies, jackpots are about $5-10k and on the high end can be as much as $4-5 million.

Is Jackpot Chasing the Most Thrilling Casino Activity?

If you are wondering what the ultimate thrill is at any casino, it's very easily jackpot chasing while playing pokies online. Nothing can even possibly come close. If you play craps, you might be lucky and go on a run where you can win four or even five figures. At a blackjack table, a good run while playing normal wager amounts might get you three or four figures in the black. A lucky pull at your favourite pokies might allow you to retire – tomorrow! What could possibly be more thrilling than that? Even players that win a modest amount, well short of a jackpot, say that winning at pokies is a huge thrill. Imagine what that feeling would be like if you suddenly had a seven-figure payday!

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is the highest payoff possible for pokies where the value of the jackpot increases every time someone plays the same game. Typically, pokies of a certain type will be connected and all players that play this "community" of pokies are contributing to the shared progressive jackpot. This allows the jackpot to swell quickly since multiple people are constantly contributing simultaneously.

How to Play a Progressive Jackpot

Players should remember that only those players who bet the qualifying amount will qualify to win the jackpot. Typically, players will need to wager the maximum at their favourite pokies to chase the big payday. If you do not bet the qualifying amount and hit the most valuable symbol combination, you will win a good amount of money, but not the jackpot. Clearly, if players want to win life-changing amounts of money, they need to be betting big to win big.

Big Slots Winners

The largest jackpot ever won at online pokies, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was €17,861,813 by an anonymous 47-year-old player in Finland. The "Mega Fortune" game where the jackpot was won was a progressive pokies games that was shared amongst several leading online casinos. The life-altering score cost the Finnish winner a paltry €0.25 to claim the jackpot.