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Gamblers have long tried to stay away from the law. History shows gamblers consistently influencing laws and staying clear of law enforcement. Australia online casino players can say the same. They are not only playing on legal online casino sites, but players are fully within their rights to gamble on those Internet sites. The law in no way makes it legal to play or creates any type of uncomfortable situation for players.

We have taken special care to make sure that the sites we review and recommend are legal online casinos. The law is always considered in these situations, and Australian gambling law is examined in particular. Players can trust that the casinos are legal for Aussies and welcoming to all Australian players. Moreover, there should be no fear of prosecution or any type of retribution for playing on our sites.

  • The legal online casinos on this site are the best and safest.
  • Australian gambling law does not prohibit players from competing on the Internet.
  • Our experts and attorneys have checked the laws and cleared our business.

History of Australian Internet Gambling Laws

As with any country, Australia's gambling laws relating to the Internet are quite recent, having only been established within the last decade or two. The 1990s brought online casinos to the attention of lawmakers as the millions of players around the world flocked to the Internet to play various games. But it wasn't until around the year 2000 when they felt they needed to enact laws relating to illegal and legal online casinos and other Internet gambling entities.

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 was Australia's attempt to regulate online gambling, but the law was unclear in some sections and never rendered any actions of the players illegal. Experts have examined the law and come to the conclusion that players on legal online casinos are breaking no laws and should not fear any type of legal retribution. The Australian online casinos themselves have a tougher time figuring out the ambiguous laws, but there is no doubt that players are innocent and simply taking part in games that have become an Australian pastime.

So is it legal for Australian online casino players to play their games on the Internet? Yes.

Australians Demand Legal Online Casinos

The process of legalizing casinos in Australia began in 1973, and Australian gambling laws have grown to recognize the casual gambler and his or her rights. Those rights should extend to the Internet and to legal online casinos. Players want to play in their homes and on the go, and we found the right Australian legal casinos for them. They need look no further than our Internet pages for reviews, recommendations, and other casino information regarding the most popular sites.

Whether it is the Aussie pokies at the local bar or the virtual slot machines on a legal online casino site, players deserve their freedom to gamble at will. We know what's important to them, and we used those criteria to measure all of the sites available to Australian online casino players. We then picked the very best sites and offer them to you here. Take a look and pick the site that can be your new Internet gaming home.