Live Roulette Online Casino Sites For Aussies

All thrill seeking players in Australia know it's hard to beat the excitement of a live roulette casino game. In the past you could only get your kicks at an actual land-based casino but thanks to the Internet, now you can play live roulette online casino games. That's great news for real money live roulette fans who don't live near a casino or Aussies who like to do things in the world famous laid back Australian way.

When you're all pumped up for a live roulette casino game, the last thing you want to be doing is boring research about what sites you can trust and where you should play. That's where we come in with our top real dealer roulette online casino sites list. We have done all the hard work already and here's what we judged the sites on:

  • Range of live roulette casino games
  • Size of welcome bonuses
  • Speed of pay outs
  • Level of player protection

How To Play Online Casino Live Roulette

It's not a confusing game to play and the best bit is if you know how to play normal roulette, you'll be able to play the live version with no worries.

When you go into an online live roulette room you'll see a live video stream with table in front of you and a host or dealer either sitting or standing behind the table. On some sites you can chat and interact with your host but on others they're there strictly in a professional capacity.

Once you're in the room and you've taken in your surroundings, it's time to place a bet. That's easy too and at most casinos you just click on the amount you want to bet and then place your chips on the number or pattern you want to bet on. That's where another interactive element comes in because at most casinos when you click the number you're betting on, the host will then move your chips to that position on the real life table.

Bets all placed, the live roulette casino game dealer will spin the wheel. Your winnings will be paid immediately into your account and you can either stick around for a bit or head off to try your luck on another game.

The Best Online Live Roulette Casino Sites

Our main priority is always security when we're looking for the best sites for our readers to play at. After all, a huge welcome bonus isn't much use if you're exposing yourself to fraud in the process!

Whenever you see an Aussie casino on our site, you know it's guaranteed to be 100% safe because we've investigated the company, their casino offering, their reputation and their credentials.

Each of our top real money live casino sites uses advanced, cutting-edge encryption. That means they use a special kind of software to keep fraudsters out jumble up their players' sensitive information into a complex code that no man or computer could crack.

Regulated Live Roulette Sites You Can Trust

Another massively important factor in a live roulette online casino site is their regulation and fairness policy. We will never recommend any sites that aren't legal for players in Australia to play on.

We'll also only put a site in our top list if they are regulated fully by the government and industry bodies. The government make sure the site is legal and the industry regulators make sure each online live roulette casino is completely fair and unbiased. That involves checking the casino's software and stats to make sure players' aren't competing against a fixed house.

After that, we look at the fun stuff like the range of games available, how often promotions run and how big the welcome bonuses are. Once we're happy a casino is really offering the best real roulette casino game experience on the web, we add them to our recommended list.

We Found the Best Real Dealer Roulette Casinos

If all this talk of top quality real money live roulette casino games has got you in the mood for a little spin, why not mosey over to one our recommended and try the online live roulette casino experience right now?