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New South Wales

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Best Online Casino in New South Wales

Summer or winter, doesn’t really matter, there is a fantastic array of activities and events all year round in New South Wales. There are a number of exhibitions and shows, festivals, celebrations and live performances. Whether you crave the busy rush in a fast-paced city or enjoy the tranquility surrounding country life, New South Wales has the answer for you.

Entertainment might mean something else to you. Just like millions worldwide, you can be in the market for a thrilling game: fun, risks and money all packed into one.

So you’re in the search for the perfect online casino? Some place you can trust your money with that delivers superior entertainment, quality games, a variety of promotions and rewards? New South Wales definitely has something to offer. Fact is, it doesn’t matter what city you’re located in, you can get access to the best in class casino experience round the clock. Why knock down an opportunity to win big?

Shopping around for the finest authentic online casino isn’t as simple as deciding your next meal. There are too many casinos that are competing to get your business. Some are genuine, while others can just be around to take advantage of you. Fortunately, is your true mate. We’ve reviewed and rated the best casinos and picked out a list for you to enjoy.

Laws for Online Casino in New South Wales


All casinos and any racing establishments in New South Wales are under the jurisdiction of the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR).

It is a separate branch of the Department of Justice which is accountable for the development and implementation of a regulatory framework to be applicable for liquor, gambling activities and registered clubs in New South Wales. It upholds the policies and practices which are meant to minimize harm to players and prevent any unethical and/or criminal activity within the industry.

While betting in most forms is certainly allowed and available for Australians throughout the country, there have been certain restrictions placed. On account of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, it is illegal for any Australian corporation to set up an online casino anywhere in Australia. The good news is, these limitations are applicable for Australian gambling operators only. That’s where online casinos operated by foreigners have stepped in to offer Aussies in New South Wales a chance at legal and real AUD action.

What does this mean for an enthusiastic NSW online casino fan such as yourself? There is nothing standing in the way between you and hours at the slots, pokies and roulette!

What Does a Great NSW Casino Have?

Are you searching for an experience that caters to your personal preference? Something a little closer to home? Thanks to the list prepared by, you can easily locate your perfect casino if you’re in NSW.

If you’re in NSW and want to find an online casino, you are obviously limited to foreign websites as has been explained above.

Nevertheless, there’s no reason to fret. It can actually be a good thing since foreign online operators have been in business for a while and have plenty of experience. They hold the most variety in games, offer the latest in technology and casino software and give away the best incentives and earnings.

Just be mindful of awards and logos on the homepage of your selected online casino. There should be confirmation that security and software is up to date. Once you’ve ensured safety with simple research, there’s no reason to begin raking in the big bucks.